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👍The 1st day
Ulaanbaatar – Lun Sum, Central Province – Pass through Erdenesant – Spend the night at Tahilt Lake
👍2nd day
Sand break – Khahorin – Arkhangai Pelican arrow – Blue arrow – Garden city – Taihar stone and spend the night at Terkhi white lake.
👍3rd day
From Terkhin White Lake, cross Rainbow Pass and spend the night at the Ulaan Khan Spring
👍The 4th day
Spend the day watching the artificial waterfall of the Bogd River from the Ulaan Khan spring.
👍Day 5
From Bogd river, Zavkhany Erdene is a beautiful sight, and after seeing Senjit Rock, you will spend the night at the black lake of Ulaaght.
👍6th day
From Ulaagchin Black Lake, Zavkhan Mandal passes through Ugramal Soum and spends 2 days at Hetsuu Rock of Khyargas Lake.
👍The 8th day
From Khyagas Lake, pass by Zavkhany Onion and Tudevtei Soum, see Telmen Lake and spend the night at Bust Lake.
👍 9th day
View the flower lake from Bust Lake and spend the night at the Rich Heart Spring
👍The 10th day
Spend the night at Jugnai Lake from Bayanzurkh spring
👍Day 11
From Jugnai Lake, Khuvsgul Province, spend the night at Tsetzerlag Sum Water Blowing Waterfall
👍 12th day
Spend the night at the Sang Dalay Lake from the waterfall of Water Blowing
👍Day 13
From Sang Dalai Lake to Bulgan Khanui Spring
👍Day 14
Spend the night at Ogii Lake from Hanui Spring in Bulgan


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